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C.I.A (Christ I Abide) is a movement of 7 hip-hop artistes: DIKKY, PROPANE, NOLLY, KINSU, CEDAR, DEXTA, DABZ, who are out to affect lives positively through hiphop. Before they came together as a crew late last year (2011), they had each dropped singles and had also done hip-hop cyphers with other hip-hop artistes of like minds on the University of Nigeria, Nsukka campus.  They have also gained an audience online, and have also been featured on a few sites and blogs.

After the successful release of their first single Touch Down in March 2012, the hip-hop group is back with another single.  What You Do, is their second single, and it's a party jam with a crazy Naija beat produced by group member, KINSU. It features three of the seven CIA members: KINSU, DABZ and NOLLY.

CIA's mission is to use their music to win souls for Christ.

*Special Note:  Nolly (a.k.a Nolly Nolz) was featured previously on the very first edition of This Friday's Free Downloads with his single, Faith (Lambano It).  It is also available as a free download.


Likes:  Unless you're made of wood, the first thing you want to do when you hear this song is to get up and dance.  Waist. Hips. Feet. Hands. Head maybe. And just about anything you can use to dance.  I give two thumbs up to KINSU, who produced this track, as well as whoever is responsible for those unmistakably Nigerian beats.

At 04:22, the song is right around where it should be, considering the fact that three separate artistes perform on this track.  Moreover, they made very good use of their time, moving seamlessly from one artiste to the other and not wasting time just playing instrumentals.  In other words, I was not bored at all at any point in this song.  The 'chop-your-mouth' outro was pretty cool too.  The songwriting was on point and they kept it very simple, skillfully weaving lyrics in English, Igbo, Pidgin, and even a dash of Yoruba.  Una well done!

Dislikes:  C.I.A is made up of seven members, but on this track, only three of the members perform.  Apart from Nolly, who announced himself towards the end, I had no idea when the other two members were performing.  Normally, I discourage unnecessarily announcing your name on a track.  However, in this case where we have multiple performers, it would be quite helpful if each person introduced himself briefly just before his performance.  That way, on their next releases, I can hopefully pick them out effortlessly.  

Recommendations:  Announce your name just before your own section on the track.


You can connect with C.I.A on each of the following platforms:

Christ I Abide - Twitter: @ChristIAbide

Dikky (Real Name: Onyedika Nwoji) - Twitter: @Dikky_CIA | Facebook

Propane (Real Name: Obinna Nkwonta) - Twitter: @Propane_CIA

Nolly Nolz (Real Name: Nonso Tony Onwuli) - Twitter: @Nolly_CIA | SoundCloud

Cedar (Real Name: Ifeanyi Edeh) - Twitter: @Cedar_CIA

Dabz (Real Name: Daberechi Ubachukwu) - Twitter: @Dabz_CIA

Kinsu (Real Name: Unknown) - Twitter: @Kinsu_CIA




Please check back on Friday for free downloads from C.I.A.

Before I leave, I wanted to say a special thank you to Onyedika Nwoji (@Dikky_CIA) for sharing this track and related information with me.  You saved me a lot of time looking for that information on my own.

Enjoy the rest of your week, guys!

Y'all doin it huh?.... Take that dream to the stars pple.... Am rootin for y'all, Godbless...

Astro the starman

Hi Relentless Builder. You are doing a great job here. Sometimes they over due the name announcing and it becomes a bit unlikable.


@a5b56f2774ecdceb270f9292aab3a97b:disqus : I believe they're on the right track, and wish them all the best too.

@disqus_KyClloxu8R:disqus : Thanks a lot for the compliments. I thought I was the only one who noticed artistes going overboard with name announcements. You'd think they were taking class attendance. Thankfully, C.I.A spared us the horror in this song.


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