Cover Art Candy: Episode 9

I have not done this in a bit, but I think you'll love this week's picks.

Every week, various eye-catching designs for the cover art for songs, EPs and albums by Nigerian gospel artistes will be showcased on this blog.  The idea is to highlight and appreciate the hard work and creativity of graphic artistes, illustrators and designers who work behind the scenes towards the success of each project.

The links at the very bottom will take you to the pages where you can download these songs.

Let me know which covers you like.  Enjoy!

1. Chris Rio - Praise You Forever + So Good Featuring Dvyne

2. EmJoy - Jamalo Shamalo (Keep Going)

3. EmJoy - Dance Elele

4.  Masterkraft - New Day Featuring 
Frank Edwards and Nosa Omoregie

5. Emmykokz - If You Knew (Remix)

6. Jiga Anderson - My Life Featuring 
Tu-G (Off the C.M.P Mixtape)

7. Jide a.k.a 'Mix Master J' - Like You Mean It

Sources: 1. Chris Rio // 2. EmJoy // 3. EmJoy // 4. Masterkraft // 5.  Emmykokz // 6. Jiga Anderson // 7. Jide

I prefer that of MasterKraft.. the other are upcoming artistes. they need to do themselves a favor and SHOW US THEIR FACES CLEARLY. we already know masterkraft so he can be exempted from that rule

Naija Gospel Critic

Naija Gospel Critic: I didn't think showing or not showing their faces was an issue. Some would argue that ALL of them are unknown outside of gospel music. But I see your point, and I think it would be helpful in the long run.

P.S. If I didn't look at your email address, I wouldn't have known it was you o, Chisos Music. Welcome!


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