Free Music Friday: 4th Edition

Happy New Month! Welcome to the month of November.  It's a privilege o!

To get you in the celebration mood, check out these songs:

  1. EmJoy - Dance Elele
  2. EmJoy - Jamalo Shamalo (Keep it going)
  3. Masterkraft - New Day Featuring Frank Edwards and Nosa Omoregie
  4.  Propane - Simple Praise
  5. Emmykokz - Kpangolo featuring Haychbeatz
  6. Haychbeatz - Broken Radio Featuring J.Clone
  7. Desanya - Aye Ole featuring Kenny K'ore

Be sure to leave a comment telling me which ones you liked and the ones you were not feeling.  It'll help with future selections.

Have an awesome weekend!


I would love to hear your thoughts. Please Share.

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