Would you Eat this Animal? (Hint: It is NOT a Dog)

A Geep: Goat + Sheep
A few years ago (don't worry, it was after Nigeria's independence), I watched a TV program.  I think it was a documentary.  By the end of the program sha, I have discovered that there was a strange animal that existed.  It was called a GEEP.

In case you were wondering, a GEEP is not what happens when a goat and a sheep know each other (in biblical terms).  Those ones are called sheep-goat hybrids.  Okay, okay, a sheep-goat hybrid is what happens when a goat and sheep consummate their union.  On a field. In the dead of the night.  Or in the middle of the day.  Same result.  Happy now?

I am almost afraid to ask the goat (if it was the 'guy') what he said to her (the sheep) wey she come 'gree' for him.  Toasting that works! Mr. Goat, I hail you o.  *winks*

Actually, a Geep is a chimera, i.e., the result of  "combining the embryos of a goat and a sheep."

Instead of being happy, this discovery freaked me out. Why?

Because as far as I know, there was no Geep on Noah's ark.

Yes, any animal that did not enter Noah's ark before the Great Flood, should not be eaten.  Geep fall into that category. Seeing that the first geep was created in 1984 in Australia, it definitely was NOT on Noah's ark.

Even just typing the word 'Geep' sef is giving me cause for concern.  I just want to run around screaming: "ALUUUUUUU! ALU EME!!! Abomination!!!!" (Thanks Nollywood)

I love goat meat.  It is so versatile and tasty (think asun, isi ewu, goat meat pepper soup).

However, I cannot eat geep meat.  Sorry.  Yes, I know that one part of it is a goat, but still ... Ehn ehn! It is not on the menu.  I am not that adventurous.

What about you? Would you eat geep meat? Use it to make suya? Vegetable soup? I'm curious ...

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Yes I definitely prefare to eat it to even pork!


JJ: You would choose this creature over a pig? *gasps* Don't let the geep hear you!

it'd make a nice pet :p

Vegan Nigerian

Vegan Nigerian: ... And if it could sing, it could audition for 'America's Got Talent.' Vegas, here it comes!

aha! I knew there was something odd about that animal. I first noticed one just like this when we moved into Dolphin, and my "hackles" were raised because I knew it wasn't normal.
As to your question, I don't think I'd eat it if I knew what is being served. If i don't know about it, then yeah. We hardly know what we eat anyway...after all people pass camel meat as cow meat these days. #shrug


Emaleecious: Lol @ hackles. Reminds me of some books I read years ago.
You mean you've actually seen one of these? In Lagos? Wonderful! Camel meat? That would be terrible. I guess only the butcher knows the truth.


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