Hire a Carpenter and Not A Cobbler to Make Shoes For You

Wooden Dutch Shoes

If you've read my About page, you'll know that I am not a carpenter.  I'm not a building contractor either.  This one needs to be stated because I actually got a Facebook inquiry on building contracts.  That's what I get for having such an awesome name.

So, what does a carpenter have to do with shoes.  Good question. My little story will answer your question.  Don't worry before the end, you'll make the connection.
When I was younger, I used to go shopping for shoes at Balogun with my mum.  That experience alone has made me appreciate the comfort and ease of buying shoes in a boutique or mall.  But that's not the point.

You see, the people who sold those shoes (mostly men) were not only skilled tradesmen.  They were also skilled in killing young girls' dreams.

Calm down, you say? Wait.  Just wait.

Now, those traders, the ones wey get mouth wey sharp pass razor.  Those ones. They would not only make comments on your appearance, clothes, hair ... name it.  They won't stop there.  Dem go dey yarn about de things wey no concern them.

Once you told them your shoe size, the comments would start pouring in.  And since I have big feet (size 12), I wasn't spared at all.  As the comments increased, I could feel my self-esteem evaporating.

On one particular day, one of those traders made a comment I will never forget.  As soon as I told him my shoe size, he said (paraphrased): "Ah, auntie, we no get your size.  E be like say na carpenter you go go meet make he make ya shoe."

Can you imagine? That's what I got for having big feet. And since these men who sold shoes all day, every day recommended the services of a carpenter, not a cobbler, we have to take their word for it, right?  Don't even answer.

So the moral of the story is this: Wear ear plugs when shopping for shoes in Lagos, especially in Balogun.  Okay seriously, if you can't find shoes in your size, hire a carpenter to make them for you.  Problem solved!

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I suffer those too. I am a size 11, looking for shoes my size is impossible. In fact, they forget to make shoes for big feets. i would like to learn to make shoes. Do you have the contact of any in lagos i could learn from?


No trader in Lagos state is exempted from the sharp tongue syndrome, not one.

Abiola Olaleye

Lol! Those men are steadily running their mouths! I can imagine something like that would stick in my head too. I dont get those comments but a lot of time I am faced with not finding the shoes i like in my size. Quite annoying sometimes.

Yours Sincerely: Even here in the US, I still face the same problem. It's like they think no one with feet bigger than size 10 should like nice shoes. But thank God for online shopping. That has been a life saver.

Unfortunately, I don't know who makes shoes in Lagos o. Pele ...

Abiola Olaleye: Lol abi! They take their freedom of speech very seriously.

Gee: Yes o, they run their mouths whether you like it or not. It's still hard to find cute shoes (not clunky ugly looking things) to buy, but online shopping has really helped. It is definitely annoying, but wetin wo(man) go do?


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