Why Nigerian Men Grow Bald: NTA Newsline Edition

Once upon a time, NTA's Newsline was hosted by Abike Dabiri (now Honorable Abike Dabiri-Erewa).  Many of us tuned in on Sunday nights to watch compelling stories of  other Nigerians we had never heard about before.

There was one particular episode I remember watching.  It was a street-type interview, and the news crew went in search of answers to this question: What makes Nigerian men bald?

Trust Naija people.  The answers were quite varied and colorful.  I don't remember all the answers, but I definitely remember a few of them.  So, according to the people that were interviewed, Nigerian men grow bald for the following reasons:

  1. Genetics: Some men talked about how their fathers or grandfathers, or the men in their family always lost their hair around a certain age.  Therefore, the same fate awaited them. Plausible explanation, right?
  2. Wearing Caps or Hats:  Now, this was the one that baffled me and I never forgot.  Some of the men said that wearing caps/hats too often was what caused baldness.  Say what?!  So, if a man wears caps, he will lose his hair?  Is that even true? Well, as it turns out, it's a myth.

What I discovered is that Dirty Caps and not just caps in general, can cause scalp infection, which can amount to hair loss.  

Apparently, those men were on to something. 

Have you heard of any other myths or reasons why men grow bald? Or do you remember that episode of Newsline? Kindly share.

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