Junior Girl, Kneel Down and Fly Your Arms!

If you read the title, and you are now curled in a fetal position, crying for your mummy (or daddy), then you know what it means.  But, if you are still sitting upright reading the rest of this post, then ... read on.

Clearly the girls in the picture are not kneeling down ... or flying their arms.  But that was a common way to punish junior girls in my day.  If you made the mistake of walking past the senior block when they were not in class, any one of them could pounce on you and send you on errands.  Whether you complied or not, they could also decide that you had done something that deserved punishment.

Haven't you ever wondered where the senior students got all their ideas for punishing junior students from? I have, and I still don't know the answer, but I can guess that they were doing what was done to them.  Like some silly rite of passage that still baffles me.

Can you think of other ways senior girls/boys punished the junior ones.  Please share!  Also, if you know who invented any of those secondary school punishments, I would certainly like to know.

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Please don't remind me. Some senior students were just pure evil. And when I think back now and realise that these were just teenagers it makes me wonder how they could come up with some of the punishments meted out on poor junior students! I squatted for an hour once, although thinking about it now it must have been about 20 minutes or so, but when I was finally 'released' to go, I could barely walk. I told you not to remind me! *running off to my mummy*

Renny (Free Truths): Lol @ running to your mummy!

I don't know who came up with these punishments, but I would imagine that if a person has suffered, then she would not want others to suffer too.

Apparently, the senior girls did not get that memo. They believed in passing on the suffering and being more wicked than the previous set. *smh*

P.S. Chai! You suffered o!

I once laid at the quadrangle (face up) and waved at the sun for about 10 minutes. #Hell i tell you. Ask me what i did o: I had the effrontery to confront a senior who was wearing my slippers. Smh



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