SONG REVIEW: E. J. - We Ko Bi Ruo (Thank You)

Remember E. J. from last week's Free Downloads? Well, she finally released her album titled Unveiled last week Saturday.  You can check out the links below to find out where to buy her music.

EJ // ReverbNation

But I am getting ahead of myself.  First of all, let me introduce you to E. J, courtesy of ReverbNation:

Praise. That is one word that defines the passion that drives EJ as an artist. She is passionate about young people having a genuine relationship with Jesus Christ and giving all praises to him. 

EJ is an upcoming gospel artist, a worship leader and a choir coordinator. She began singing at the age of 7. At age 13, EJ joined the Choir at her home Church, RCCG Chapel of Praise, Far Rockaway, New York, led by Pastor Foluso Akinbola. At age 18, EJ became the leader of the Church Choir, Potter’s Praise, and continues to do so. In 2012, she ministered at the RCCG North America Young Adult & Singles Convention in Atlanta, Georgia with popular Nigerian Gospel artist and producer, Dare David. 

Along with Potter's Praise, EJ has performed at various Churches and Ministries all around New York. EJ sees worship as a calling and believes she has a message for this generation. She has a goal to reach out to a larger audience in praising God. 

Now, that you've met E. J., it's time to "meet" her music.  Here is her single, We Ko Bi Ruo (Thank You):


Likes:  If you have read the foregoing biography, then you'll know that E. J. has been singing for a while.  Years actually.  You get a feel for this in her single.  The fact that the song is written in both Urhobo and English is a plus, and I was grateful that it was mostly in English, for selfish reasons of course, i.e. I did not have to worry about translation issues. The background vocals complimented her and she stayed in the lead throughout the song.  It is worth taking note of because this does not happen on every song I review.

The simplicity of the song arrangement paired with the balanced instrumentation makes for a winning combination.  Neither the vocals nor the instruments over-powered the other.

Dislikes:  The main thing I dislike about this song really has nothing to do with E. J.'s skill as an artiste.  It's actually the style of the song.  I typically associate this style with older people, so I had to get used to the fact that a young person was singing this song instead.  I would have preferred to hear her tackle a more contemporary-style song.  Perhaps I will find such a song on her album, but since this is a song review, I just have to be content with this one sample.

The style of the song itself seems to constrain her.  I wish she had done more with the song as it came across as just another praise and worship song.  But then, maybe that is what she was aiming for.

In addition, the songwriting could have been better.  It was too predictable.  Once again, I will blame it on the style of the song.

Recommendations: (1) Experiment with other genres and more modern styles.  I believe she can show off her versatility in other music genres. (2) Improve on the songwriting.

For more information on E. J., check out the information provided below:

Artiste's Stage Name: E. J.

Artiste's Real Name: Ejiro Uguala

Connect with Artiste:  Facebook | Twitter | YouTube

Listen to more musicReverbNation | SoundCloud Artiste Card

Buy Music: iTunes | CD Baby | Amazon

It's a wrap!

Lovely song, i like how she wove her dialect with the english lyrics,smooth transition from urhobo to English, but i feel she didn't fully explore her vocal capabilities,she sort of played it safe.But i will give the song a 7 over 10.

Kayode Martins-Olowo

I respect your decision/opinion on "We Ko Bi Ruo".... However, I believe EJ was able to captivate both the younger and older generation with this song (same thing with "Make me wonder); and her ability to do this says a lot about her Artiste. Listening to the entire album, songs like "Clap Your Hands" with Bro Chosen instills that element for the younger generation you seem not to notice in We Ko Bi Ruo! I believe her debut Album has something for everyone of every age and most importantly, for people who are new to Christianity (new born again Individuals), you can find some type of element to the style of music you like in EJs Unveiled Album!!

EJ, If you read this... GOOD JOB!! Looking forward to your Next Album!! God Bless you!!


BC: It is a SONG review, not an album review. My opinion was based on my perception of that single song, and as at the time I wrote this, I had not listened to the album. Therefore, all the additional songs you listed are completely irrelevant to this review.

Kayode Martins-Olowo: I certainly agree with you. 7 over 10 is actually more than I would have given, but I see your point.


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