Please Don't Leave All Your Property to Fido or Bingo

I recently read about an Italian woman who left $ 13 million to her cat, Tommaso.  Apparently, this put the cat as # 3 on the list of world's richest pets.  # 2 on that list is Kalu the chimp (please don't ask) whose owner left him $ 80 million, and Gunther IV, an Alsatian (German Shepherd) dog who inherited $ 372 million from his father, Gunther III. [Source]

I can't imagine Nigerians doing this sort of thing, i.e. leaving their hard-earned money to an animal (we know some people act like animals, but it's not the same thing).  Just in case sha, this is an urgent plea from me, Relentless, to you, Dear Millionaire/Billionaire who doesn't know what to do with all that money.

Here are a few suggestions: (1) Donate it to charity; and/or (2) Donate it to ME.

I am leaning in favor of # 2.

Please, na beg I take beg una, don't leave your money/property to your pet.  There are millions of human beings in this world who could use it.

What do you think of leaving property to a pet? I can't do it, especially if it is a goat.  :D

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What??? LOOOL

"we know some people act like animals, but it's not the same thing" *hold chest*

Me sef oh, I'm open for donation.. Biko what is the pet going to use it for? sigh. People sef ehen.

Akibo Tommie

Some people trust their animals more than their friends... Half the time I don't blame them


Tommie: Lol! It's true now. Some people act like animals. Ah, the pet doesn't even know the difference between money and wrapping paper. A goat will eat money and paper and belch on top sef. Mschew!

In the Midst: Yes o. Pets are considered a part of the family ... By some folks. Not me sha.


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