Huggers, Choose Your Team: Team iLoveHugs, Team NoNearMe, Team AnythingGoes

I know the title says "huggers,"  but this post really applies to everyone: huggers and non-huggers alike.  In my own experience, I have come across three major categories of people when it comes to hugs.  I decided to group them as you will see in the subsequent paragraphs.

But before we jump in, I might as well confess, that I belong to the 2nd team: Team NoNearMe.  To a certain extent.

Oya, let me explain myself.

No. 1 - Team iLoveHugs

As you might have deduced from the title, those who belong to this team, love hugs.  It's one of the ways they express love and affection, but they don't mind hugging complete strangers.  Do I need to explain further? I don't think so.  You already know if you belong to this team. Stand and be counted!

No. 2 - Team NoNearMe

Now, members of this team don't like hugs period.  The "no near me" is pidgin English, in case you were wondering.  It just means "Don't come near me."  How original, I know. *rolls eyes*

And this is my default.  I would rather shake your hand than hug you. That's just me.  But because no one lives in isolation (you have a community of people around you, I assume), I am surrounded by people who mostly belong to Team iLoveHugs.  You can imagine the amount of scolding and "hugging by force" I get on a regular basis.

I have been forced to somewhat change my ways or at least find a middle ground for now.

The horror!

No. 3 - Team AnythingGoes

This team, as the name suggests, is for those who are ambivalent towards hugs.  They simply don't care.  It makes no difference to them whether you want to hug them or not.  They can hug or not hug you for the exact same reason: they don't care.

If you belong to this team, you know yourself o!

So, what about you: What team do you belong to?  Do you like hugs, can't stand them or don't care? Did I miss any group of huggers?  Let's hear it!

*Image Source: Pinterest

Currently porting from Team NoNearMe to Team ILoveHugs. Like you, I am surrounded by the huggy huggy people

Handshake.......N to the O! I don't know where those hands have been. That's what people seem to prefer these days though.

In conclusion,

Can't we all just wave?

Sisi Blu

For me it depends. If your a good friend and I haven't seen you in a while I will hug you. If you are an acquintance I'll greet you pleasantly and cheerfully but I woun't be inclined to hug you.

Highly Favored

If you're my person, a hug def it is but if not, you get a very bright smile :D My smile is measured in megawatts too. I have issues with shaking people *shudder*


Complete Team ILoveHugs! They are the best thing since creation. smh.

But in an official setting, I'm TeamNoNearMe. For some reason, I think hugs comes across as weak/weird in a work setting. It always feels weird to get a hug from TeamILoveHugs when I'm at work. I can't even enjoy it.

Step back into my personal life, and it's hugs all the way. It feels weird when I meet TeamNoNearMe in my personal life, like **side eyes**; waiit... (quickly sniff myself to make sure that's not why they don't wanna hug me)


Sisi Blu: Lol @ "porting." Ah, waving! I didn't think of that. As for the potential germs, believe me, I always carry hand sanitizer with me. Not every one knows that soap and water in the bathroom are not there for decoration. *smh*

All the best with the porting to team #iLoveHugs!

Highly Favored: I didn't even consider that. I was really thinking of just people you interact with regularly. Yes, I do the same thing too as far as hugging people I haven't seen in a very long time. But on a normal day, #NoNearMe. :-)

Toinlicious: *smiles* That sounds very much like you, measuring your smile in megawatts. :D

Issues with shaking people? Why? Once they pass the "sniff test," you should be fine. When all else fails, use hand sanitizer.

Dayo: Best thing since creation? I hear you o!

I like how you divided it: TeamNoNearMe in official settings, and TeamiLoveHugs in your personal life. Makes sense. Lol! Sniff yourself from today till tomorrow, I'm sure that's not it. ;-)

What you've said sounds like what other people have said too, i.e. different teams for different occasions. In your case, it's different settings.

M def a"No near me" depends on my acquaintance with d person in question anyways


Glamqwin: Hehe! Same with me. No near me by default. But like you said, it depends sha. There are people who don't take "no near me" seriously, so you have to hug them by force!


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