When Fear Spoke

“I know the Lord has given you this land,” she told them. 
“We are all afraid of you. Everyone in the land is living in terror.

Joshua 2: 9 (NLT

If I had to ask you what you were afraid of, you would probably name things like animals, disaster, people, etc.  And maybe you have valid reasons for being afraid of these things.  But, let's flip this over for one second.  What if the things (and people) you fear are actually afraid of you? That would change things now, wouldn't it?

In the scripture above, Joshua had sent two spies into Jericho.  There, they met Rahab, a prostitute and she confirmed with her own mouth that the people in that city were terrified of the Israelites.  God had had to tell the people several times through Joshua to be strong and courageous because He would be with them and had delivered the promised land into their hands.  What this means is that the people must have been afraid of crossing the Jordan to take possession of the land, hence the need for God to remind them of His presence and His promise.

What is that thing you dread and fear?  As you step into this week, remember the words of Rahab in the scripture above, and remember that the thing you fear is probably afraid of you.  And if your fear could speak, I suspect it would say something like this:  I am afraid of you (insert your name here).  Do I need to remind you that God has not given you the spirit of fear?  Put the energy you have been pumping into the fear of the unknown into faith instead.  It takes the same effort, but the rewards of practicing faith are positive.  Nothing good comes from fear.

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*GBOSA* Mehn, I guess we should trust God more when He says something. Now thinking about it, it's kind of funny... the spies were probably thinking "what? you're scared of us?! we've been horrified of you!!" LOL that moment of clarity when you SEE that God Always knows what He's talking about is always a humbling and joyful experience!!

Ola Blessed

Ola Blessed: For real! God always knows what He is talking about. May we always take Him at His word. Thanks for stopping by :)


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