10 Crazy Things No Sane Student Would Ever Say to a Teacher

Happy New Month! Here is wishing you a very exciting and fulfilling September.  This is the first of the 'ember' months.  I smell Christmas in the air.  Do you?

To those in the US, Happy Labor Day.  Don't worry.  I plan to do little or nothing today :-)

I forget what I was doing or thinking when the idea for this post came to me.  Does it even matter? Okay, maybe after reading it, you can decide.  In no particular order, here are 10 crazy things I am sure no sane student would ever say to a teacher:

  1. Thank you ma / sir for the cane. I enjoyed it very much. Can you please flog me again?  This time apply more pressure.  With my buns of steel, I won't feel a thing.
  2. The homework you gave me yesterday was grossly inadequate.  Moreover, it was just too easy. Please increase it and make it harder next time.
  3. I finally found 'X.' It was on the cover of several movies / films under my parents' bed.
  4. How much is your salary, ma or sir? My father makes more money than you. Now change that F to an A or else.... 
  5. Please show us your childhood pictures. I am very sure my pet monkey was finer than you.  
  6. As from today, I will call you by your first name. Your last name is too hard to pronounce.  Shebi your first name is Fred?  Okay, Fred it is.  
  7. Are you having an affair with my lesson teacher? I've seen the way you two look at each other. I am sure your wife would not approve.
  8. You people used to suffer in the olden days. And since you own just a bicycle, you're still suffering. 
  9. 9 times 10? Why are you asking me? Shebi you're the teacher. It's your job to tell me. 
  10. Since you stay teaching in the same classroom every year, it means you never got promoted to the next class.  You must have gotten Fs on your report card. So tell me, who is the Olodo? 

Are there any crazy things I left out? Oya, add your own!

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Lmaoooo that number 3 just killed me. Education pari niyen


LOL... can you please flog me again? LOL


Sisi Yemmie: Lol! That's a dangerous question because the teacher might oblige.

Toin: Lol ... As in, he/she has learnt all that's needs to be learnt. Not to mention mega punishment for snooping around in the first place.


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