Bringing Your 'Home Pillow' on Your Travels

On my way to the bookstore to write this blog post, I saw two ladies exiting a hotel.  One of them had a pillow in her hand.  The other lady was hauling their luggage.  Anyway, seeing them got me thinking about pillows and travel.

It is quite normal to see people, especially at the airport and on airplanes, with this type of travel pillows with them.  You know, the ones that rest on your shoulders so you can comfortably drool on them.  But, when you're travelling by land (car, train, bus, okada, etc) I have seen a lot of people take actual pillows with them.  Not travel pillows.  No, these ones look like the person grabbed them from his or her bed just before heading out the door.

People do this for any number of reasons: some people have back pain and other ailments, and need to take their orthopedic pillows with them.  Some people literally cannot sleep without their own personal pillows. I understand these reasons, but I still find it strange when I observe a person appearing in public, pillow in hand.

In Nigeria, the few times I saw people taking pillows outdoors, it was for a specific purpose, e.g. secondary school students with buckets and boxes, and pillows going to boarding school, NYSC corpers going to camp, etc.  I don’t remember seeing people on those long-distance buses (think Ekene Dili Chukwu, the Young Shall Grow, etc) going to Benin, Kaduna, etc, holding pillows for any type of reason.  I imagine some people do so in private cars, but I think that generally it is not common.

What about you? Do you travel with your personal pillow? Leave a comment and tell us if you do (or don’t).

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I haven't traveled with a pillow ni a long time but i did use to have regular pillows when we'd do long car trips and such. Not the pillows off of my bed though lol. I had a whole closet full of pillows to chose from.

Lady Ngo

I have never traveled with my pillow. Maybe those plane pillows one of these days.

I'd love to take a comfy proper pillow when travelling but I always forget and don't want to look like a freak

Missy Tee


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