Names of Noisemakers in Class: Where are they now?

Hopefully, you will remember this from your primary and secondary school days.  If you had this experience in your university days, ahhh ... I shake my head vigorously.  That's just terrible!

And what experience am I referring to? Well, in class, since teachers were concerned about maintaining 'law and order' (I almost added SVU and CI to that), they designated a fellow student to write down the names of noisemakers in class.  The student usually charged with this awesome task, a.k.a the "Sell-out" or "Traitor" was usually the Class Captain.  We'll talk more about the Class Captain some other time.  But for now, let's focus on that subjective list: list of noisemakers.

Now, what exactly qualified a student to land on that list? There's no need to go into details.  The short answer is this: Anything and Everything the Class Captain felt was "making noise." A few examples to clear up any confusion: If the Class Captain was very irritable, or just not your friend, something as simple as chewing gum or blowing bubbles with bubble gum, could land you on that list.  Asking another student for paper, pencils, biros, etc, could qualify.  But assuming the Class Captain was reasonable, if you were playing ten-ten or tinko or gisting with another student and disturbing other students in the teacher's absence, then you were a noisemaker.  

Was I ever on that list? I can't remember, but it is possible.  I was a quiet student though.  

So, I have wondered what ever happened to the list of noisemakers, and the people on that list.  Where are they now?  Your guess is as good as mine :-)

Was your name ever on the list of noisemakers? Don't be afraid.  I won't tell anyone *fingers crossed*

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Haha i was just talking about that with my mom last week,the silly list. Lol my name was on the noisemaker list sometimes just to spite me, the listmaker could be someone who would even write ur name if ur lips moved when .... i miss those innocent days though, the fear of getting into trouble was real....these days with the advent of technology and les communication between pple sitting in a room i believe the list would be obsolete

Whistling Beautiful

My name was on the list at some point but can't remember when exactly. Now don't tell because you promised. Even if you wrote a letter to your friend sat right next to you, you were still classed as making noise.
I think me and the class captain weren't so close else my name wouldn't have been on lol. You are bringing back memories Relentless Builder, gracias.

Missy Tee

My name got on the list a lot. Chatterbox right here



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